Achieve strategic goals, optimize decision-making and overall performance with the Governance & Reporting module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

The Governance & Reporting module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform is a complete credit risk management business analysis and reporting solution to align strategic performance goals with regulatory requirements and operations throughout the organization.

With this module you can:

  • Have insights delivered with reporting & analytics
  • Rely on dashboards with embedded alerts and guidelines to align operational decisions with strategic goals
  • Attain KPI monitoring & fine tuning  to track progress and take action
  • Modify decision-making according to goals
  • Achieve data and reporting consistency which embed procedures for integrated data quality 
  • Leverage all key data sources, both internal and external 
  • Be ready for audit & compliance mandates.

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Credit Management Platform: Packaged Modules


Excel at targeting the right customers and bringing on new business with the Engagement module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.


Streamline account opening and loan origination processes end-to-end with the Origination module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

Customer Portfolio Management

Stay on top of portfolio risks and customer opportunities with the Customer Portfolio Management module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

CLever: Debt Collection & Recovery

CLever provides complete and streamlined management of the collection process, from early collection through late collection and recovery.

Rating Assignment

Apply best-in-breed techniques to automatically assign ratings to credit exposures across the credit value chain with the Rating Assignment module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform.

CRIF Data Model

The complete data management solution for credit risk information across your enterprise.

Credit Policy

Manage credit risk authorization and delegation for your whole enterprise and at each decision-making point across the end-to-end credit lifecycle.

Advisory Expert System

The sales & relationship managers’ tool for complete, low-effort business risk evaluation.

Price Optimization

Determines the optimum pricing to achieve the right balance of competitivity with default risk.