Detect suspicious connections and fraud networks, protecting your business

CRIF fraud investigation tools enable special investigators and anti-fraud department users to undertake a real-time single entry search across the motor, home and personal injury databases, performing queries based on complex fuzzy matching principles. 
Powerful interactive tools are designed to support fraud investigators, providing a complete picture of the types of connection among individuals across all lines of business. The tools automatically detect existing and uncover previously unknown cases of fraud in order to reduce exposure to organized and opportunistic fraud.
The module is enriched by machine learning algorithm to detect anomalies and is empowered by rules and propensity to claim index.

Key benefits

  • Significant savings on fraud losses thanks to accurate fraud detection before losses are incurred
  • Consistent protection of your organisation with a solution that covers all types of application and claim fraud
  • Enhanced investigation enabling investigation teams to work on more targeted referral cases and maximise resources
  • Maintained customer service levels with a reduced turnaround for cases.

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